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Socially responsible investor


Assessing the ESG performance of SMEs

Building on our singular expertise and in-house technology, we have become the sustainability meeting point for small and medium-sized enterprises and their investors. Each year, our ratings empower financial players in the identification of high-performance companies and integrate ESG criteria to their investment decisions.


70 companies awarded each year

We promote the ESG performance of companies in a setting that is consistent with the way investors actually work. Every year since 2009, the Gaïa Index outperforms the CAC40 and the CAC Mid & Small. Companies within the Gaia Index prove to be more resilient in periods of market downturn.

What they say about Gaïa Rating

« Our ambition is to foster progress. Not only do we offer ESG services to investors but we also want to make sure that the companies we assess understand the expanding expectations of their stakeholders in terms of corporate social responsibility. These fast-developing SMEs will face more intense scrutiny once they become big players and the assessment exercise should help them get prepared. »

Gaïa Rating Team

Company under assessment

“One of the 4 objectives of the Wavestone 2021 strategic plan is to appear every year in the top 3 of the Gaia Index. The choice of Gaia Index was made possible by the relevance of the benchmark offered by this benchmark with regard to a broad universe of listed companies belonging to all sectors of activity. It is a demanding and inspiring point of reference for us, leading us every year to question ourselves in order to remain among the best. “


Socially responsible investor

« Nous avons choisi Gaïa Rating pour l’expertise affichée dans l’analyse extra-financière sur le segment des petites et moyennes valeurs françaises. Grâce à leur travail, il était possible d’affirmer que, sur une longue durée, le choix de valeurs « responsables » générait de la performance financière. »


How to be a responsible investor on SME portfolios

  • a framework fit for SMEs
  • data track-record and possibilities of coverage on demand
  • a tool flexible to various SRI strategies: ESG integration, engagement, exclusion, best-in- class, stock-picking

The companies covered by Gaia Research with links with Qivalio SAS (mutual shareholding), Chairman and significant shareholder of the company Ethisquare SAS – which exploits the Gaia Research brand – are identified and their name are made available to investors.